FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

NRF - Fitment Top Insert ApPlicator


Model NRF Fitment Applicating Machine

The NRF Fitment Applicator is designed to take fitments or “shaker tops” orient them, and place them in a container. Though mainly by customers in the spice industry, this machine is very versatile and has many applications. It comes equipped with our H-26 cap hopper / sorter which is the best on the market. Also, NEMA 4 control panel, 8’ of conveyor, and complete safety guards are all standard.

Application: The NRF Fitment Applicator is capable of speeds up to 300 per minute.

Speed: Adjustable from 10-70mm caps at speed up to 300 per minute

Function: H-26 Vertical Pin Dial integrated hopper/sorter