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  • Your source for new and used cappers and capping machine parts. All Resina products are proudly built in the United States of America.

    New Inline Capping Machine Models: NRC-20 Budget Inline Capper, NRC-40 Inline Capper, NRK-400 High-Speed Inline Capping Machine, RW-500 Large Container Inline Capper

    New Chuck Capping Machine Models: NRS-30 Chuck Capper, NRS-51 Chuck Capper for large containers

    New Cap Fitment, Lid Pressing, and Snap Cap Machine Models: NRU-F, NRP, NRL-39, NRL-70, NRS-51 SPL

    Ask about our capping machine change parts, capper wear parts, spare parts for cappers, cap chuck rubbers, container gripper belts, chain runner guides, chain runner strip, conveyor parts, cap hopper parts, quill rubber discs, container gripper chains and sprockets, which we all stock.

    Resina Cappers Contact Information

    42580 Rio Nedo Rd Temecula, CA 92590




    Telephone Toll Free: +1 800 207 4804
    Phone Number: +1 951 296 6585
    Fax Number: +1 951 296 5018
    E-mail Address: sales@resina.com




    Please call or email Resina Cappers today to speak with our capper sales, engineering, or customer support departments. We greatly appreciate your business, and look forward to assisting with your company's packaging and capping machinery needs.