FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

PSP-250 Pump Sorter Placer


Resina Model PSP-250

Resina® model PSP-250 Fully Automatic Pump Sorter Placer is designed for sorting, feeding, and placing product pumps into filled containers. It comes complete with Start/Stop controls, and a bulk supply Hopper/Elevator, Pump/Sorter/Feeder/Placer for pump assemblies. This system is designed to promote steady pump cap feeding. Comes standard with our base conveyor, NEMA 4 control panel, and complete safety interlocks.

Speed: Container speeds up to 250 per minute.

Function: The PSP is designed to run containers with pump tops continuously along a moving conveyor. This offers a significant speed increase over running containers one by at a time in a chuck-style setup. This machine is ideal for various containers requiring pump fitments.

Safety: The Resina PSP meets all OSHA standard requirments. Complete safety locks are standard on all Resina® machines.