FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

RW-500 Inline Capper

Model RW-500

The RW-500 is the first Inline capping machine designed to handle large size containers up to 2½ gallon, and large caps up to 150 mm. This capper can run at speeds up to 300 per minute for smaller caps, and over 150 per minute with large size caps. The RW-500 comes equipped with our HES-12 (Hopper Elevator Sorter with 12" wide cap flights) for speedy bulk cap sorting, or optional extra wide HES-24 or HES-30 hoppers for extra high speed cap delivery. NEMA 4X control panel with touch screen HMI, patented Resina® gripper chain with molded gripper blocks, 13’ of conveyor, and cap stabilizer are all standard.

Applications: The RW-500 is made to handle large caps ranging from 70-150mm. It is the perfect machine for capping protein powder, oil jugs, industrial cleaners, peanut butter, muscle supplements, grease, and other large products at high speeds.

Speed: The RW-500 is capable of speeds over 150 caps per minute depending upon container and cap size.

Function: To orient, cap, and tighten large diameter caps onto their designated containers.