FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

Other Machines

Snap Cap Applicator
Resina® model NRP fully automatic plugger is designed to handle plugs and fitments “inside the neck” types. It is very versatile and can handle a wide variety of caps and speed ranges as needed.
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4H Multi-Head Fitment/Capper
Resina® model 4H is designed to run containers in sets of 4 for either press fitment or capping purposes. This process promotes smoother and more efficient machine function.
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PSP (Pump Sorter Placer)
Resina® model PSP fully automatic pump sorter placer designed to sort pumps, sprayers, and unique closures. Provides automated placement into containers. This machine is completed with our NRT-40 Torquer.
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NRF Fitment Applicator
The NRF Fitment Applicator is designed to take fitments or “shaker tops” orient them, and place them in a container. Intended mainly for customers in the spice industry, the machine is very versatile and has many applications
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Inline Lid Applicator
Resina® model NRL has been specifically designed to handle single friction external lid closures on grease type cartridges at speeds of 300 containers per minute.
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