FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

NRC-40 InLine Capper



Model NRC-40 Capping Machine

The NRC-40 is a heavy duty, self-contained, automatic “in-line” capping system which is specifically designed to handle various size caps from bulk, orient, place them on a container, and tighten them at a predetermined torque.This capper comes equipped with our H-26 cap hopper/sorter, or optional HES-12 hopper/elevator/sorter, which are the best on the market. Also, Resina® “anti-cock” cap stabilizer, heavy duty quill clutches, and NEMA-4 control panel with complete safety guards are all standard.

Application: The NRC-40 capping machine is designed to handle a wide variety of caps ranging from 10-70mm in width.

Speed: The NRC-40 capping machine is capable of speeds up to 300 caps per minute

Functions: This capper comes equiped with our H-26 dial based hopper/sorter, or optional HES-12 hopper/ elevator/ sorter with flights. The “C” Frame simply slides into place on any production line

*Top image shown with optional SpaceSaver™ Floor level hopper/elevator














NRC-40 with H-26 and Elevator Options

NRC-40 with HES and Steam Options